KiteSurfing in Sharm el SheikhKiteSurfing in Sharm el Sheikh

General information Kitespot Nabq

Nabq, a great place from March to October. Cheap rates for 4 or 5 star hotels and flights are easy to find, especially out of season.

Rentals and excellent beaches for kitesurfing. After your daily 4/6 housr of kiting you will find in Sharm a small touristic “Rimini”.

Kitespot Nabq For whom?

For families, with girlfriend or friends who are not kiters, Nabq is a good compromise.

There are excellent resorts with all prices and activities such as aquapark and children’s entertainment.

For other sports activities and evening shopping, “Multibrand” is recommended. This place is also suitable for beginners.

A minimum stay of 7 to 9 days is recommended.

Kite Spot Nabq – Sharm El Sheikh

The only really good Kitespot in Scharm is the lagoon of Nabq.

The ideal starting point for kitesurfing is at the beach of the Regency Plaza Resort or Sea Beach: no rocks or corals, and a super wide and “safe” exit, unfortunately, however, with many kites if there is very good wind.

800 meters further south is the “ZOUARA BEACH”, a “free” beach without connection to a resort.

Less crowded with kiters, but be careful: the exit is narrower, but surfable, both to the right and left of the relatively wide exit channel there are rocks and corals.

Usually, there are also two motorboats moored which are used for parasailing near the coast.

Wind at the Kitespot of Nabq

50 % – 60 % days with wind, mostly thermal and slightly gusty. The wind usually starts at night when it reaches its maximum before lowering to 6 knots in the afternoon.

With a weight of 80 kg you can use two kites (9m² and 13m²) or three kites (7m², 9m² and 13m²) with a standard board during the same day. P.S.

The predictions of the various specialized websites are not always accurate as they usually underestimate the actual wind.

I have been told that the mathematical models used do not take thermal winds into consideration.

Wind forecast Sharm El Sheikh

Suggestions Kitespot Nabq Sharm El Sheikh

Use a 5/6 mm winter wetsuit from October to March, from April to September a summer wetsuit (3 mm), believe me that it will protect you especially when you start from Zoura Beach.

Also use kite shoes at the beginning to protect yourself from corals and rocks.

I advise you to buy shoes with reinforced soles that can be found on the spot for a few euros.

As soon as you can kite safely through the exit, you don’t necessarily need the shoes anymore.

Be careful not to lose your board (tie it to you), because due to the current only another kiter can bring your board back (if you lose the board, raise your hand… this is the signal that you need help).

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