The best conditions for learning and practicing the sport of kitesurfing

Metereological Terms

  • - Wind from 11 knots to 22 knots
  • - Possibly constant wind (not gusty)
  • - Temperature from 22 to 40 degrees celsius
  • - Percentage of high windy days
  • - The presence of wind between 5 and 8 hours a day
  • - Wind is not blowing offshore or onshore (possibly sideshore)

Beach and Ocean Terms

  • Private (for kitesurfers only) or uncrowded  beaches
  • At least 20 meters wide
  • At least 50 meters Length
  • Beach without obstacles better if sand beach
  • Sea degrading slowly in depth
  • Large areas of shallow depths (from 50 cm to 160 cm)
  • Areas of the sea without waves (smooth water) and areas of sea with waves
  • Absence of marine currents or weak ocean currents

contextual conditions

  • Presence of a  Kitesurfer comunity
  • Presence of a a specialized rescue at the beach
  • Presence of a kitesurfing school that would give too technical assistance

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