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General information – Kitespot Mykonos

  • Excellent months: May to October
  • Supermonths: July and August with ideal temperatures (compared to Egypt)
  • The wind is always constant between 20 and 30 knots.
  • Suitable for: advanced and experienced kitesurfers (slightly less for beginners…. but still feasible, accompanied by an instructor)
  • Hardly overcrowded beaches for practice.
  • During the summer months you feel like in a small Ibiza….

Kitesurfing in Mykonos has significant advantages over many other Kitespots around the world. On Mykonos the months with the strongest wind are July and August. During this time the wind blows from the north (Meltemi), with an average of 20/24 knots, and on some days up to 30 knots.

Tourism on the island is concentrated on the places where people drink and dance, or next to the trendy beaches. Kiters have the rest of the coast at their disposal and can easily lay out their 30 meter long lines and set up their 12 m2 kites.

There are basically two kite spots: Ftelia and Korfos: both with onshore wind. The first beach on the road leading from the old port to the town of Ano Mera is very popular with our windsurfing relatives, but here “very busy” means no more than 15 boards in the water, not even in mid-August. So don’t be surprised if you are the only one setting up a kite.

In light waves you can kite out against the wind with kites from 7 to 12 m² (rarely larger unless you are a heavyweight).

If you are good enough and your equipment is reliable, you can try to reach the beach of Panormos with several turns. The way back is perhaps the most beautiful trip on the island, a few turns will do. In Ftelia there is also a bar, a restaurant with a relaxation area for aperitifs and separate public bathrooms.

The other place, Korfos, near the airport and in the southwest of the island, is my favourite. The place is practically deserted despite the proximity to the crowded beach of Ornos (diametrically opposite).

The reason is simple: the beach is perfect for kitesurfers, as well as for one fisherman who brings his fishing ashore around eight o’clock in the evening (watch out for net cables).

Of course, I wouldn’t advise anyone to learn kitesurfing on Mykonos, but if your level is good enough and you have no problems with drifting, Mykonos can become your natural gym.

I would like to give you a tip: Rent a quad that has the rack in front and behind it (the price is 25 Euro per day). I travelled all over the island with a friend on a quad and had two boards and three kites with me.

Avoid Kalafatis, the most famous spot for windsurfing. The wind is really gusty there, and with a kite it can be almost dangerous due to the fact that the wind comes offshore. Outside the bay the wind is more regular, but in my opinion it is not very funny.

Further information and videos in the near future: about booking possibilities, special beaches etc. etc. etc. etc. etc..

Temperatures – Kitespot Mykonos

From May to October: 19 to 31 degrees, depending on the month (see below).

Wind – Kitespot Mykonos

Wind – Kitespot Mykonos

Termal Wind, constant,  regular and persistent.

Wind forecast in Mykonos

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