Kitebording in Maui - HawaiKitebording in Maui - Hawai

General information about Kitespots in Maui – Hawai

General information Kitespot Maui – Hawai

  • The wind is always constant and persistent.
  • Spot for beginners and advanced, beaches with high waves which are high even for very experienced kiters.
  • Ideal temperature and weather conditions even in winter.
  • Please note: Leave your passport and other documents in the hotel or apartment.
  • Easy to hire/purchase equipment, including used equipment, many offers available in kitesurf and windsurf shops.
  • Car rental is essential. Credit card required for car and kite equipment.
  • Maui has a subtropical climate: great temperatures all year round. The months with the best wind are March to October.
  • Possibilities to rent very nice apartments by the sea for $50 per day as well as hotels from $100 to $500 per day.

Simply  ”The Dream Kitspots”

This island seems to be made for the sports kitesurfing and windsurfing as well as for pure surfing. Maui has a large selection of beaches, some suitable for beginners, others for advanced surfers and others only for professional kitesurfers.

However, it’s not really worth flying to Hawai just to learn kitesurfing (of course you are free to do so), but by the time you’ve learned the basics and gained your first experience, you’re already on your way home and haven’t had a chance to get to know this beautiful island.

My advice: Given that a flight takes 21 to 26 hours, you should be able to kitesurf very well and stay at least for two weeks (just for learning there are also excellent spots in Europe, which are only 3 to 5 flight hours away).

The island looks like an upside down 8 (also symbol for infinity). When it rains in the north, just head south to find ideal conditions.

The north is more informal, natural and sporty. A melting pot of people from all over the world who want to kitesurf, windsurf or just surf. There are also the most extreme spots like Hookipa and Jaws, which I only recommend to experts, as well as other beaches for advanced and beginners like Kanaha, etc. (see below).

The south is full of luxurious “American style” hotels with many golf clubs and beautiful beaches to visit when the weather is not good in the north.


a very dangerous place, absolutely reserved for professionals. There are probably the highest waves in the world, breaking only a few days a year. Not suitable for amateur surfers, but spectacular for photography. However, it is not easy to get there…..Strong ocean currents! Only for very experienced and professional kiters


Classic spot, only suitable for experts and professionals. It is difficult to kite out through the narrow channel between sharp rocks (Rock Garden) and the only safe 60 meters wide exit.

Outside, fantastic waves. Hookipa is one of the most dangerous spots as an “equipment killer”. Even the most experienced kiters are equipped with wetsuits, gloves, shoes and helmets.

A big problem is that the wave creates an offshore current on the way back, which drives the board out to the sea…. in this case you will be pushed out of the safe channel…. and thrown into the middle of the ‘rock garden’ (luckily I only had to pay for this with two hand wounds…. I had no gloves).

Strong ocean currents! Not suitable for everyone!


Perfect place, also for those who want to learn to wavekiting. A beautiful 2 km long sandy beach, easy to reach with a long and clean wave breaking over the reef. Spreckelsville is the place where you normally find Europeans.

For advanced and experts!

KitespotKanaha Beach Park

Cosy place (beach) with shady places, lifeguards, toilets, showers with fresh water and picnic places. Easy to surf, also suitable for lake surfers. Here you can also book beginner courses. There is a small wave off the coast.

For all…. a sunny and very spacious place.

Kitespot Kihei

On the south coast: If you are looking for very shallow water for fast gliding, you should go to Kihei, which is about a 15 minutes’ drive from the towns in the north. Kihei is perfect for slalom and fun for the less experienced.

For everyone.

Wind – Kitespot Maui – Hawai

Constant wind, regular and steady. (see below)   

Wind forecast in Kitespot Kanaha Park

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