El Gouna - HurgadaEl Gouna - Hurgada

General information Kitespot El Gouna

This was a depressed  touristic area due to the ever present wind has become new life with the advent of kitesurfing one of the best Kite Spots and tourist Kitesurf Sport area in the world !

  • Super months: ALL! The best kitesurf months are March to October.
  • Attention: July and August are very hot.
  • Attention for kitesurf beginners: Many offers from kitesurf schools……..choose the school well.
  • Many excellent kitesurf beaches – Kitespots
  • You can eat cheaply and find accommodation easily.
  • El Gouna is the most comfortable place with infrastructure for tourists.
  • Easy to rent equipment
  • Use kite shoes to protect your feet from corals, at least in the beginning.
  • Spot suitable for beginners.

An area that offers many top locations for fun with your kite. One of the best places in the world from March to October and even in the winter months. Further south, in Marsa Alam it’s even warmer with 5 -7 degrees more.

For Beginners – Kitespot El Gouna

It’s a prefect place to start learning Kitesurfing. There are many  Kitesurf Schools  … choose well! We  suggest for beginners the spot of “El Gouna” by the so-called Mangroovy BEACH.

For all the others – Kitespot El Gouna

It is easy to find reasonable prices for 4 or 5 star hotels and flights, especially if you travel out of season.

A really broad area that offers many Top Spots to have fun with your Kite. One of the best spots in the world in the months from March to October and even in the winter months… but in the winter more in the south there are always 5/7 degrees more in MARSA ALAM.

Equipment can be hired locally, and there are excellent beaches where you can kitesurf.

There are also kite resorts which offer accommodation in addition to equipment, schooling and training. Between El Gouna and Hurghada there is a very wide range of resorts and hotels, so you can easily find accommodation and travels at reasonable prices. The distance between El Gouna and Hurghada is about 10 km, which means that within 20 km there are countless beaches suitable for beginners. For the latter, however, we recommend El Gouna, and especially the so-called MANGROOVY BEACH.

Soon more information and videos: on the possibility of booking, dedicated beaches ect. ect..

Advice – Kitespot El Gouna

Use winter  entire suit  (5/6 mm) from October to March, April to September entire summer suit (3 mm), believe me, that it will protect you. Initially, also use kite shoes to protect your feet against coral and rocks. Better if you buy the shoes with a very reinforced slab that you find for few Euros on the spot. Once you are sure of the spot, you can kite without the shoes.

Temperatures – Kitespot El Gouna

From 19 to 31 degrees, depending on the month (see below). The coldest months are January and February.

Wind – Kitespot El Gouna

Termal Wind, constant,  regular and persistent.   

Wind forecast El Gouna

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