Tarifa KitingTarifa Kiting

Kitespot Weather Conditions

  • Wind 11 to 22 knots
  • Constant, not gusty wind – Gusts can be dangerous for not expert kitesurfer
  • Temperatures from 22 to 40 degrees celsius or 71,6 F to 104 F
  • Kitespot with High probability of windy days
  • Daily 5 to 8 hours of wind
  • Hardly any offshore or onshore wind, but mostly SIDESHORE

Kitespot Beach and sea conditions

  • For kitesurfers reserved and not overcrowded Large beach
  • Kitespot beach width at least 20 meters
  • Kitespot beach at least 50 meters
  • Kitespot Obstacle-free and partly sandy beach
  • Kitespot Beach slowly descending into the lagoon or Sea
  • Kitespot with Large lagoon areas with shallow depths (50 to 160 cm)
  • Kitespot without waves
  •   Kitespot No ocean currents present

Kitespot Environment

  • Large kitesurf community
  • Specialized beach Kitesurf assistance
  • Existence of a kitesurf school which can also provide technical kitesurf support

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