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General information Kitespot Tarifa

WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW…. The Mecca for experienced and advanced kiters. Tarifa is not the best spot for those who want to learn kitesurfing.

The Kitespot Tarifa do not offer the best conditions for beginners !!!

  • Super months: actually ALL !!!!!!!! But January and February are not really recommended because of the temperatures ….however, kitesurfing is still possible.
  • Attention: in July and August the beaches are very crowded with bathers and kitesurfers.
  • Attention beginners: Many schools offer kitesurfing lessons…. choose the school well.
  • The wind is always constant between 14 and 30 knots for kites from 7 to 12 m².
  • Possibility of kitesurfing in a small lagoon, in the Atlantic or in the Mediterranean.
  • You can eat cheaply and easily find apartments and hotels.
  • In the summer months you feel like being in a small Ibiza…. only the prices for apartments triple.
  • There are many sailing shops and workshops which can build custom boards.

This Kitespot is not for Beginners !!!

It’s not the best spot to learn Kitesurfing, but if …you will find also a small lagoon,  for beginners.

Pay attention to schools, only a few are of good quality and professionalism… choose well!

Kitespot for able or experienced kitesurfers

Kitesurfing is possible in the Mediterranean as well as in the Atlantic. Near the Strait of Gibraltar, where it is always windy, you will find an excellent tourist infrastructure which offers various accommodation options, restaurants, nightlife and the most incredible concentration of schools and services for the world of kitesurfing.


During a tour of Tarifa you will see signs displayed at windows of apartments saying “alquilamos  casa” (for rent).

The Beaches of Tarifa – The Kitesurf Spots of Tarifa

KitespotLos Lances: is the most famous kitesurf spot in Tarifa, on a 5 km long fine sandy beach. At the end of Los Lances, which begins in the centre of Tarifa, is Valdevaqueros, a place with large sand dunes. You can also kite along the coast in Bolonia, another great place with sand dunes and the Roman ruins of Baleo Claudia. All these spots are clearly also suitable for windsurfers.

For lovers of wave surfing: Kitespot Balneario beach is a regional classic with a wave breaking from the left and right. The entire coast from Tarifa to Cádiz (Cádiz) has numerous surf spots, the most famous being Canos de Meca, near the Trafalgar lighthouse and El Palmar.

Tariffa Kitespot Wind

Constant wind, regular and persistent. (see below)  Wind forecast in Tarifa

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